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20 Dec 2013

Samsung true religion denim shorts galaxy note n7000 The samsung galaxy note was officially introduced by the company last september and entered the market after around one month.Some observers have indicated that the device was among the attention-Grabbing android-Powered devices that were launched for the year.Even as the samsung galaxy note is considered as a smartphone by samsung, its 5.3-Inch display will caused some observers to regard it as a tablet. However recent reports have indicated that a successor to the samsung galaxy note may already be on its way.Reports have revealed that a certificate for wi-Fi interoperability was reportedly given to a smartphone from samsung.The model number of this device is gt-N8010 while the samsung galaxy note was gt-N7000.According to industry watchers, the samsung galaxy note is the only device that has a model number that begins with n, which led to speculations that this upcoming device is the successor of the recently-Released samsung device. The fact that samsung normally maintains a similar name for devices that share the same traits has added credibility to the belief that the device is a successor to the samsung galaxy note.The company simply increases the number on the name to show the latest version of the device. However reports have only revealed that the reported successor to the samsung galaxy note will feature a dual-Band wi-Fi device as no other details were revealed Bootcut Jeans for the moment. For the moment observers are more or less certain that the upcoming device is powered by the android os and it will likely be introduced into the market in the coming year.Reports have also indicated that this supposed successor to the samsung galaxy note will feature the ice cream sandwich android os once it is released into the market. Some observers have further speculated that the True Religion Jeans Outlet upcoming device may come with a bigger display if it is indeed a successor to the samsung galaxy note, which came with a rather large display screen. The samsung galaxy note has yet to make its way over to the us, but it looks like the device already has a sequel in the works.A new samsung device was reported as to have gained wifi certification recently and it has the model number gt-N8010.If you’re wondering what it has to do with the galaxy note, the note has a model number of gt-N7000 and samsung has been known for keeping similar naming traits with its devices, increasing the numbers to signify a newer version of the device or another device that features similar hardware. If the deduction turns out to be accurate, we might be seeing a new galaxy note being introduced in the market sometime soon.Perhaps at the mwc in february 2012?Right now nothing is known about the device other than that it features dual-Band wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity.However if it is a successor to the note, you can expect a large display and of course-Stylus input. I have purchased an additional galaxy note battery from samsung service centre in hyderabad city.It costs me 650 indian rupees only(12 US dollars approx).The additional battery power is also 2500 mah only.But as now i’ve total two batteries with me(Stock and additional)I never faced any problem of no battery juice for the use.Original battery is actually sufficient to use the phone if we know it how to save the battery juice.Even i’ve used my additional battery hardly for one time in one month though i’m a frequent traveller.I’m really dession Jeans happy with my galaxy note.I use galaxy s2 also, but this note.Wow giant of all phones.What a screen, resolution, processor speed, camera, browsing net, multi media, swyping, pen input,Etc.Etc.Made this phone to set new standards in smart phones industry.




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